Saved by bubbles.

I went away to the beach for the weekend with three of my young nieces. I know. Why? But children, when related to you, seem to be a lot easier to stand than when you are educating someone elses. Anyway, they were a delight, right up to the point when they got bored and the beach was too windy, the park was too crowded, the TV shows were old….

Right when I was starting to despair and was seriously thinking about packing everyone into the car and returning to the city, the bubbles appeared. Left by another of my small army of nieces and nephews, the three girls that had come with me approached the simple bubble-making contraption with such caution I was confused. But after some soapy water fighting and a strict talk about turn-taking, the whole yard was full of bubbles, twinkling merrily in the sun and being blown this was and that by the soft evening wind.

They had probably forgotten how much fun it is to chase sparkling bubbles around the place and, unsurprisingly, so had I.


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