When traveling.

I just got back from a two-week-trip. It was amazing. It was fun. I’m so happy to be back home.

This is one of the things I find interesting about traveling: trips are exciting, from the planning to the living of it, but there is a certain kind of pleasure when coming back home. Even if it’s dusty after weeks unlived and the plants are almost dead, it’s your own little kingdom and it’s always wonderful.

Another thing I find interesting is that there are certain universal truths you’ll probably find wherever you go. Here are two examples:

One, there are many things that we would never accept at home (delays in service, incompetence, traffic, poor driving, etc.), but when it happens abroad it suddenly goes from unacceptable to charmingly annoying. It sucks, but we observe with fond – if slightly bemused – acceptance, and continue on our way.

And two, anywhere, anytime, adolescents en masse are always detestable!

There, I’ve said it.


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