It almost looks like art.

Sometimes you need quick solutions to problems you never thought you’d have. And sometimes, those solutions end up looking almost like art.

I was looking at the pictures of my sister’s wedding and suddenly this appeared: beautiful Hydrangeas in urinals. It almost sounds like the title for something, doesn’t it?

The wedding was in a restaurant on the beach. The place was gorgeous, but since they usually didn’t use it for weddings, there were serious issues to address before everything was ready for the party. The kitchen, for example, was not big enough for all the extra food and drinks we were bringing to add to what they offered; there was no decorator, so that was up to us; the audio was not great, etcetera. The view, however, was spectacular.

Anyways, we put our minds to it and managed to solve every problem that came up and dodge some others that made valiant attempts to attack.


But, on the morning of the big day, I took my mother to make a last-minute inspection of the decoration when we noticed that we had no (nice? stylish?) way of making sure that men didn’t use the urinals in one of the bathrooms (they were not working right and we didn’t want to risk anything!).

I just stood there, looking into the bathroom, no brain cells left, when my mother turned around, picked a pair of scissors from the kitchen, walked down to the garden area near the parking lot and started cutting Hydrangeas. I thought she’d lost her mind.

She hadn’t.

She marched right back to the bathroom and stuck the flowers into the urinals. ‘There,’ she said, ‘problem solved.’ And she walked right back out.

At first I wasn’t sure on the result, but looking at the pictures months after those exhausting moment, I love it. It’s simple, it’s different, the effect is rather lovely, and the pictures look almost like art.


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