Of Thyme and other herbs

For years herbs were a mystery to me. They came dried and grounded and in small plastic packets from the supermarket and were sprinkledĀ in random quantities over stews. They lived forever in forgotten kitchen corners and dark, dusty cupboards. A silent, seldom used presence that usually came in racks. Sticky, knobby, wobbly racks.

Until, that is, the day I was given a set of tiny herbs in tiny pots. A year later, and these fresh, fragrant, delicious plants are grown and in active service in my kitchen.

And Thyme, Thyme is my favorite.

Delicate and full of tiny flowers, Thyme sprigs are wonderful decoration for any kind of dish. From cheese platters and roasted meats to sweet pies and creamy desserts, Thyme not only works as a beautiful detail, it gives any kind of dish one hell of a yummy oomph.


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