Greetings and flowers

Greetings lovely Internet people. This is my first post ever, on anything. However, after many years anonymously surfing the Web, I’ve decided it’s safe to step out of my comfy spectator seat (and it’s also kind of fun).

When I first moved out of my parents’ home a couple of years ago, everything felt so strange and adult. It took me about six months to stop feeling like I was just apartment-sitting (which would have been a weird situation for sure, as I was paying all the bills) and start feeling that I was home. Was it like that for you too?

After all that time, of course, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and doing the shopping lost all their first, lovely appeal and became something else to check off the list. However, one day, after a trying day at work and a long (and pretty expensive) supermarket run, I realized I was doing the most adult thing I had ever done: I was buying flowers. Just because.

I got home and didn’t quite know what to do with them, since I had forgotten to get a vase. And why exactly had I bought flowers? Then I realized that half of what I’d bought were things my mom bought every week….

Anyways, they made my day, those flowers. After being used to a house full of people and voices and phones ringing, my place was eerily quiet and disconcertingly empty. But there were flowers, and when hit by the right light, my God they were beautiful.

I want to share them with you.


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